B O X  C I T Y 

the service would get a specific niche of the brazilian market as well, where many college events are held as fun and fund raisers.  these outside beer garden style events move much of the local youth culture and is considered a continuous tradition. the testing ground for the service would be these events bhy partnering with the student cores of each academic branches on main universities in the area. this wuld enable the students to throw bigger, better and more organized events while beta testing the software and generating the first revenue to continue development.

A friendly website environment was developed for the event organizers to be able to both manage their profits and event attendance in general.

desktop to mobile UX interface
event app for mobile
event app for desktop and mobile

functionalities such as paypal linkage for the event revenue and granular customization within the admin pannel was crucial in the development.

event app for desktop and mobile
event app for mobile
event app for mobile control pannel
event app for desktop and mobile




UX interface for mobile
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event app for mobile

the final stage of the service reached beta testers and the full functionality of the interface was developed to work optimally on six models of top selling smart-phones in the market during 2013. 

s i m p l e r u l e   s t o r e
event app for mobile
the project's scope considered the ease of use necessary on high populated business areas such as amusement parks, private parties with third party vendors, concerts, bars and other currency involving environments. During the observation the interaction between business and customer was key as to start to design for a demographic as understanding the demographic and why the circumstances took place is essential.


event app for desktop and mobile

The scope of the project also considers the critical time of the desired deployment

as previous analog services can be vastly out performed by digital era solutions.

event app for desktop and mobile
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within the admin pannel the interface made possible for the event organizer to use built-in address finders for the event landing page, custom cover and event thumbnail, price range for different age groups, genders, placement within the arena for concerts, etc. much of the functionality break-down had to do with allowing for organizers with several events to be presented with an understanding, non-overwhelming design.

the interaction was handled on two fronts, mobile and desktop. the desktop environment was crucial to keep all the necessary functionalities in the product while keeping the mobile interface light and obvious. the desktop environment also possessed the general control pannel for the event administrator to acess  services such as sorting confirmed guests, checking their entrance status, create event invite prices and set up the connection between the service and the business paypal account.

The mobile side of the service captured data from the cloud to develop a list of expected guests to be scanned by the host at the entrance of the event. the reader worked both on printed e-tickets and directly on other mobile screens.



event app for desktop and mobile
event app for mobile
event app for desktop and mobile
mockup looks like event app for mobile
graphic design printed media booklet
event app for mobile tickets
paypal window event app for mobile
event app for desktop and mobile
event app for desktop and mobile
E D U A R D O  H O M E

how to account for different types of goods provided by organizers? the product development had to run side-by-side with the communities needs and consider the desired final product, watching closely the beta tester's feedback and considering what were the mistakes made by previous solutions. the local community within south brazil where the product was to be launched was fundamental in the development.

event app for desktop and mobile
event app for mobile landing page
UX UI interface detail event app for mobile
event app for desktop and mobile

in the context of large urban centers users find themselves making choices on how to exchange money for services. the local community of specific markets will define the way new technology can help the consumer interact with product or service providers. the scope of the analysis involved understanding both global and local south -brazilian markets to create a service that would help both event organizers and guest. ​​


how can we as a community, make use of the existing ecosystem and technology industry efforts both in hardware availability and software development?